Dark Vegetables For Your Gothic Garden.

Do you have dark vegetables in your garden? Or is your garden
a little on the tame side?

If you would like to scare the neighbors try some of these in your Gothic garden.

Tomatoes that are black!  ‘ Black Krim”Black Prince”Southern Nights’, they are
really a very dark red, but I like them and they taste great!
They are also quite a showstopper in the garden.   They are from Russia.
I believe that the reason they are so dark  ,is  they retain the green
pigment even as they develop their ripe red color, hence the hint of black.tomato.jpg

There are also other vegetables with a dark side, take the lettuce for
There is a hybrid’ Iris’ that looks almost black, and then there is
an Oriental green called ” Tatsoi”, with black-green leaves.

I did read that red tinted lettuce is the most nutritious.

How about bell peppers?  
Try ‘Purple Beauty’  and “the ornamental pepper called ‘Black Prince’,peppers.jpg
this one is a bit spicier in flavor, but it has lovely black-purple foliage.

In the herb garden there is a delicious variety of basil called’ Dark Opal’
Its leaves are purple and it is delicious in salads or soups.

In the ‘olden days’ many supposed to be witches, put many interesting
ingredients in their soup, such as;

‘eye of newt’  or ‘bats ears’ , these names were given to medicinal herbs.
The Witches would use these herbs in concotions that would supposedly
heal anyone of their diseases and afflictions.
It seems strange that in this day and age, many scientists are researching
the same herbs and plants to verify their validity in todays medicines.

meet you on the dark side!

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3 Responses to “Dark Vegetables For Your Gothic Garden.”

  1. Wonderful! You have been reading my mind…

  2. Thank you for visiting, and I spent some pleasant time on your site.

  3. […] you design your Gothic garden, remember to include a few pumpkin seeds in your vegetable patch. Pumpkins were used as lanterns at Halloween as the best containers for holding candles. In […]

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