The Victorian Style.

1victorian_urns.jpgThe Victorian style provided for  a garden of seclusion
and natural beauty, a created
segment of nature.

A good Victorian garden  would have a luxurious
lawn and in addition, flower beds,trees and shrubs.

Shrubbery and flowering plants came into vogue in the
Victorian garden as people began to recognize the
 beauty and wonder of nature  and wanted
 a closer union with it.

The terrace walk was incorporated into the more
 intimate house gardens.
The walk was generally  a paved area between house
and the garden beyond.

 ccd-vic-birds23.jpgThe Victorians had started to enjoy nature, it is true, and
they wanted a closer contact with plants
 but they still wanted some remnant
 of separation between themselves and the
 unknown, and the terrace provided

As the Victorian period continued,
the appreciation of plants and flowers flourished.
People wanted to have growing things
inside as well as outside and therefore
the conservatory became very popular.
One of the most important things was
that the middle-class people,
could now afford glass.

Generally the greenhouse was outside
of the home, but solariums were also
added to many homes. Cast iron became
very popular and trellises were often
made of it.

Trelliage was immensely popular. 
Repton claimed to have reintroduced
this gardening element, and he used wood as
well as cast iron.
It was thought then as it is now, that trelliage
does for a garden, what icing
does for a cake:cake1.jpg     it makes it!


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