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Gothic Gardening Roses.

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rose-balck-baccara.jpg In the world of those experts in rose gardening, there is
 really no such thing as a ” Black Rose”

 The closest one can really come is to this rose.
‘The Rose Black Baccara ‘or ‘Taboo.’

 Other dark roses are;

Ink Spots
Ingrid Bergman
Black Jade
The Squire
Deep Secret
Kentucky Derby
Black Tea

If you would like to grow other Gothic plants then try
some of these;

The Black hollyhock( Althea nigra) known as “the Watchman” it can
be quite spectacular in the garden, and many people do not
know that it has been around for quite some time, in fact
this plant was one of Thomas Jefferson’s favorites!

Snapdragons have a cultivar known as the ‘Black Prince’, the
blooms here are a rich dark velvety crimson, they are
very striking in the Gothic garden.

You can’t leave out the statuesque Canna lily called
‘Black Night” it has not only deep red blooms, but
burgundy foliage.
This is a must for the ‘Gothic garden’

Gladiolus have several varieties that are dark,black- red
rather than true black. These are;

Black Stalliontyrone-power-blck-rose.jpg
Black Swan

Does anyone remember ” Tyrone Power”
in the ‘Black Rose?’.

meet you on the dark side!